more than recovery ~ evolution

experience the freedom to choose another way to human


finding and releasing what makes it hard for you to... 




there can be so many reasons

why we aren't healthy and capable

full of a life of meaning and joy


sometimes we can pinpoint the date

- being dumped, a traumatic childhood, a car accident, a virus -

but sometimes it's like something has visited us that we can't see,

and we can't shake.


that's when you need,



to intuitively explore the unseen influences that

keep you in unhealthy and unhappy patterns. 


how to start:


book a one to one

coaching/healing session

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Marina D.

Futurist, Yogi, Creator

The first time I had a session — it blew my mind. Roberta helped me to develop resilience and recover from a serious accident. This work is about transformation, balance and connections — such as between body and spirit, science, psychotherapy and coaching. It helps to reduce the fear that something is wrong with me.

Mil S. 

Creator, Dad, Lecturer

She’s inexplicably good. Roberta has the ability to pick up on problems that are buried and she draws them out for me to pay attention to and move on from them. Everyone I know has the same experience and they’re surprised that they may not have even realized there’s something to be unlocked.

Jolene C.

Creator, Mum, Entrepreneur

I felt a difference immediately. This has been a highly effective investment in myself — I’ve let go of stuff that years of conventional therapy couldn’t shift. Roberta saved my life. I’ve got hope and confidence now. I recommend her to almost everyone I know.

Zee S.

Artist, Mum, Healer

She surprises me at times with how super-intelligent and intuitive she is.  We work as a deeply connected team to figure out the roots of many things and maintain my health — which is also good for everyone around me.  I have better boundaries with family members now.

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who are you?

(ie who gets the most from this work)

  • you know you are here for bigger things but are unable to make that happen
  • you're unwell or stuck in unhealthy patterns
  • you know mind and body are connected but not sure how to use that to help yourself
  • you're discerning but not cynical
  • you're a little bit stubborn and a whole lotta determined
  • you're maybe a bit too nice sometimes 
  • you know healing requires active participation but is ultimately mysterious
  • you're curious about life and your place within it
  • you're keen to be a part of a change for the greater good
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the bottom line is:



I'm Roberta; expert healer and coach. For nearly 20 years I've worked with people from all over the world and from all age groups helping them to reset their health and their lives. I specialise in helping people release  intense experiences that have often locked in chronic symptoms (physical or relationally).


I have walked the same path I take people on as a means to heal from traumatic events in my childhood (some pre-verbal). I know how to navigate terrain that is terrifying to many. 


I have studied healing from  modern and ancient perspectives to understand the best ways to reset patterns that continue suffering. I bring these methods together in a unique combination that I call newoldmedicine and is best described as healing combined with life coaching. NewOldMedicine enables the freedom to choose another way to human.

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