I'm here to walk with you across the no-man's land of instability and dysfunction (physically, mentally, spiritually, in relationships) helping you learn a new way of being in your body and your life. You arrive in the new land with tools to ensure a meaning filled and joyful life. This is what NewOldMedicine is for.  


what is necessary to heal? my POV

  • we each have a place of belonging that is all our own, which includes family, society and universal belonging
  • when we unashamedly inhabit our place, we are in service through our being creating our doing - not vice versa.
  • we are healthier when in balance with the natural rhythms (the CORE natural rhythm inspiration is from the Five Element wheel of life)
  • when we are healthy we can access meaning and joy in our lives
  • meaning and joy are not an occasional add on - they are the foundation  for our form to be created around

Media Appearances

Over the years I have been delighted to be a guest speaker including the following:


Gemma Cairney's Patreon tribe discussing the importance of FUN! (Join her Patreon - she's awesome!)


Guest Coach/Speaker

Creative Center of America's fundraiser for the Donna Reed Foundation - speaking about "Launching Your Dreams by Healing Your Roots"



Would you like these kind of changes in your life?...


Roberta is an angel walking on Earth and I believe she has changed my life. I will forever be grateful that we crossed paths in this lifetime. I have lived with anxiety and some major traumas in my life and this affected my health like suffering from stomach pains and cyclical vomiting when stressed or overwhelmed. I have been a nurse for 10 years and have seen how medication can only go so far. All the techniques Roberta used in our sessions (I took 6 wellbeing sessions) were simple but quite effective. Her intuition is spot on and the way she works with you is very gentle, reassuring and just simply incredible. I had counselling before, seen a psychotherapist, had past life therapy, numerology and tarot card readings but none came close to what Roberta offered. What sets her apart as well is her knowledge and expertise in both western and eastern medicine.


The wealth of experience she has is quite impressive and unique. Pregnant at the time, after just a few sessions with her, my stomach pains and vomiting have ceased. Something that even prescribed drugs have never really helped me with before. It’s been 6 months from our last session and my stomach pains and vomiting have not come back. Having our sessions while I was pregnant was quite helpful. They were truly a blessing and a ray of hope from the feelings of despair I was having in such a vulnerable state. I now have a healthy 10 week old daughter and I believe I owe it to Roberta for staying strong and healthy mentally and emotionally during my pregnancy. She reassured me in every session that my baby is fine and that there would be no problems with baby during the healing sessions. I am still in the process of self-healing and I am just really grateful that Roberta pushed me in the right direction.


So many realizations came to me and I am now more self-aware and practicing self-love than ever before. If you are someone who needs help, I am 110% sure she can help you no matter what it is that causes you pain. She would genuinely take care of you like she has done with me. I only wish more people would come to her for healing and again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Roberta!!😊💗💗 - Aurea Van Peel


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