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 Heal Your Story;

Heal Your Life

I am expert at helping you release past experiences so they no longer hold you back. 

 Find the WHY that keeps you unwell when you work with me. 

Wellbeing Sessions


Are you in need of some laser focused input to help you get over a particular hurdle? When you're not able to commit to a larger package of work, or you've already worked with me but are in need of a top up - then book a wellbeing session and together we will get your wellbeing back on track! Availability is limited -  grab one while you can!

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Group Wellbeing Session 

Wellbeing maintenance to keep the healing happening - and keep the noise and chaos of the world from taking root within you.
These group sessions are aimed at releasing what is in the collective seasonally (like frustration in Springtime) and strengthen your resilience muscle. Previous participants have experienced shifts in diverse individual complaints while also feeling resourced for tricky times. Don't let the low cost or group aspect fool you - these are powerful sessions that can keep you shining.

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The membership to claim your belonging and the virtues that bring healing to your body, mind, and soul. 

Six different modern and ancient healing paradigms have gone into this seasonally guided membership. The membership includes the CONNECT! course plus extra modules to keep you adding to your self-care toolbox. In addition you get the weekly group wellbeing sessions. The seasonal focus (using the Five Element wheel of life) means that we will address the whole of your emotional and physiological wellbeing over the course of a year. 

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Badass Ancestor

The Badass Ancestor has done the work needed to release the pain and secrets from the family line. This in-depth programme is for the person who has always known that changing the family direction is the true work of this lifetime. But, instead of a long, winding road you want a guide with a roadmap for this work.  

This is the premier level programme designed for those wanting one to one support to unravel those old stories with someone who can reveal the blind spots that have held them back in their healing until now. 

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Coaching or Wellbeing Sessions?

What is right for you? 


Difficult experiences can stay in family lines for generations.

Your work can stop that trend.


Gently and methodically working through the inheritance of suffering is my job. I can ensure you heal smoothly and emerge empowered using the most incredible mix of modern and ancient healing modalities - all via online formats. Working with me means you can stop searching for how to heal, and just get on with healing. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul based pain can be turned into functional virtues (like creativity, and appreciation) through this work. 

Simple Nervous System Reset 

Healing requires the nervous system to be in the mode of play and rest - not fear and all its derivatives. This technique may just help you reset your nervous system in times of need. 

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Roberta Weber


Roberta is an expert, no-nonsense chaperone to healing the trauma held in the family lines and field.

She has deepened her knowledge of six tremendous healing modalities by working with hundreds of individuals to release ancestral burdens and bring individuals back to living with ease and joy while not losing what they've worked so hard to attain.

As a trained scientist, she values clarity of thinking but as a healer she is intuitive and empathetic.

She is passionate about people developing their own tools of knowing through working with her – bringing empowerment to each of her clients.



All the work presented here is a mixture of basic science research and 'traditional' medicines like acupuncture and shamanic healing technologies. NONE of the methodologies developed through this knowledge/information have been tested to any standard that constitutes proof that it works - even for the purposes of healing ancestral inheritance. The modalities were chosen because of their emphasis on healing ancestral inheritance, but this does not indicate proof that they do that. 

Additionally, these services are not a replacement for Licensed Medical Care. The sessions are bioenergetic treatment and do not provide a diagnosis or treatment for any ailment. If you have medical concerns, please contact a licensed medical professional.