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Seven Chakra cleansing sessions 

For the release of the brutality in the family line or that you've accumulated or created in this lifetime. You don't have to hold onto it any longer. 


Brutality drags us into a state of dis-ease like not other energy, and yet it is also a part of being an organism on this planet. What if we didn't have to hold onto it for always? What would we experience in our body's and lives without it? 


These sessions are mostly pre-recorded and use the biofield tuning modality.

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Five Sessions to rekindle Childlike Wonder 

When we meet the world with wonder, we are not rejecting what is presented but moving in the flow of the reality before us with ease and grace. These sessions will enhance flow, creativity, manifestation, gratitude and know how.  With this work we use the Five Element wheel of life to ground the work in the everyday reality of our collective experience. 


These sessions will be live at 12 noon London time on alternate Fridays in March, and April 2024. The recording will be available within a day after the session is done.


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Integrating the work in your everyday

It's one thing to spend time doing spiritual work and to feel better and more empowered when in the container, but it's another thing entirely to start to integrate the work into our daily lives. The work here is drawn from shamanic training and will help you to first get a sense of what your lifetime engenders for the future and then to bring that forth like an archetype that guides your BEING in a new way. Our BEING with clarity and coherence engenders a DOING that quite naturally manifests itself. Like an apple tree creates an apple, you will manifest what is perfect simply from being alive in your amazing form. 


These sessions will be live at 12 noon London time on alternate Fridays in March, and April 2024. The recording will be available within a day after the session is done.

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Magic Makers Community

When life gets on top of us, it can be super helpful to have a community of like minded folks as a resource. Roberta will regularly be in there answering questions and helping the sessions land with ease for you. 


The community is available around the clock so you can pop in questions at any point and receive feedback from the community or Roberta in short order. 




who are the magic makers?


the ones overwhelmed with humanity's effects,

and desperate to do the work to make a change



why do they need support?

  • the sensitives in the family/society have been given their undue share of burdens (holding/clearing the pain, suffering, secrets, lies, broken promises, etc)
  • the toll for these people (us) has been immense and may include being:¬†
    • exhausted mentally, physically, & at a soul level
    • struggle¬†to maintain healthy relationships &¬†boundaries
    • feel compelled to DO¬†in order to feel valid, visible, & belonging
    • poor vitality
    • repeating old patterns
    • unable to manifest¬†dreams for this lifetime
    • lost & confused especially with where to direct any agency they muster


why are magic makers needed?


They may not know it yet, but the qualities that opened them to carrying burdens has been developing a super-power. The super-power is the ability to reset circumstances towards joy and meaning for in their part of the world.


 They're needed because their capabilities are best placed to bring healing resource - not by doing, but simply through being.


 In that environment, the brutality we've all come to accept as an implicit part of everyday life won't be able to continue

~ the magic makers can and will revoke permission for that nonsense.


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The elders angle..

A lot of the reason I do this work is because I know that as a generation we have had to do a LOT of heavy lifting. The kind of heavy lifting that equates to putting in insulation - it's just not seen and yet it's still the right thing. 


Our efforts to parent differently and to aim for different things than the trajectories of the boomers were partly forced and partly chosen. But we've also had to make things up on the fly (always) while dealing with the recessions in societies and recessions of spirit. 


I know that when we have the capacity to gather ourselves again, we can be a force for good. I hope to play my part by helping those who need it to heal and then shine.