Imagine waking up within a YOU that that has easy access to hope and joy. 


What would you need to leave behind for that to be your reality? 

What are you missing out on by letting all those unhealed parts take up so much space?


Sometimes we need a guide to help us see what we need to release.

Sometimes we know exactly what needs to be released but we don't know how.  


If either is you, you are in the right place. With this work you can access your most vital self -

free of conditioning, patterning and programming.


It is a potent way to BE WELL.

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Why work with a guide? 


Healing is a personal journey. You know that healing comes from within so why should you work with someone for your healing journey? 


Ancient healing technologies and modern mind-body research agree, to BE WELL our stories of pain and suffering must be observed to be cleared. 


Being our own observer is not an easy task. We are incredibly biased about ourselves - as are our friends and family about us. 


Most of us will need an outside observer to heal at some point in our lives. That observer is able to see past the stories/events and connect you to your original potential.

With the right observer you'll release the past and reveal your essence.


What happens during a 

Wellbeing Session?

At the heart of this work, Roberta utilises an intuitive connection to each client to understand what is preventing the self-healing ability of the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of a person. The aim of the work is to optimise the self-healing mechanism inherent within everyone. Roberta draws from her training in six wellbeing modalities to nuance each session but the primary modalities used are BodyIntuitive and Biofield Tuning. 


These modalities allow the old stories or events to be observed and balanced with great specificity and relative ease.

Practically speaking, the sessions happen while speaking online or on the phone. The client is ideally in a position to lie down (to be fully in ease) after the initial discussion, but can be seated or moving around throughout if desired.

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New and Old Medicine

is at the heart of this work.

Five Element Acupuncture Theory

As a licenced acupuncturist, I draw from the essence of this remarkable medicine and teach you how to work with it whenever needed - and without needles. 


BodyIntuitive combines the latest advances in Western science (epigenetics, the human microbiome, neuroplasticity of the brain and mind-body connection) with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. 

Biofield Tuning

Biofield tuning is a sound therapy method that provides targeted nervous system relaxation which can alleviate a wide range of health issues. It is predicated on the electric universe theory and how that influences health.

Family Constellation Therapy

Family and Ancestral Constellation allows the invisible influences from the present and the past to be made visible, acknowledged, and whole.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is the oldest method of healing. I trained for three years with Carol Day to develop my understanding of healing anchoring my work in creativity and spirituality.


This was my introduction to a westernised version of mind-body medicine. BodyTalk re-establishes the innate communication within the systems, cells and atoms of the body in a priority based way.

Why work with Roberta?


Roberta is an expert, no-nonsense chaperone to healing the trauma held in the family lines and field.

She has deepened her knowledge of six tremendous healing modalities by working with hundreds of individuals to release ancestral burdens and bring individuals back to their authentic expression of their essence.

As a trained scientist (Graduate of UC Berkeley in '92 with a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology), she values clarity of thinking but as a healer she is intuitive and empathetic.

She is passionate about people developing their own tools of knowing through working with her – bringing empowerment to each of her clients.

Individual Sessions

1hr Wellbeing Session

Fast paced; these sessions are best when you don't have a lot of background information to give or questions to ask. 

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2hrs Wellbeing Session

Ideal for the first session, the luxury of two hours provides plenty of time to work through any past events with ease.

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Packages are also available:


These packages are BodyIntuitive based only and are aimed at clearing physical and emotional difficulties in the shortest time possible (but with less time for exploration of the findings with Roberta). There is a tracking of symptoms accessible to both client and practitioner as well as the use of an intuitive report card system. The work is a perfect accompaniment to the use of the CONNECT! course or the HEAL! membership. It will include the need for self-directed action on the client's part so is only suitable for those familiar and comfortable with the BodyIntuitive/BodyTalk modalities and Roberta's work generally.


The sessions are 45 minutes or less. The client will also have access to a recording if desired and subject to their downloading it onto their own computer.

Six Session Intensive for the New Client


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Six Session Intensive for the Returning Client


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I would love to let others know that distance healing and coaching can be so 😎.

If your gut says try something go for it and really go with what ever comes up. Roberta is amazingly good at what she does. Shamanic visionary and body talk therapist with many different bows to her work as well. I love the work Roberta does and it has an accuracy that is scary. It causes shifts in energy that really can make changes happen.

Enjoy a session and give it a try if you are drawn to doing this work.