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Terms and Conditions:


By using the modules in this course you are indicating that you understand that the work is intended to enhance relaxation, increase communication between areas of the body, and to educate you to possible energetic or emotional blocks that may create pain and disease. The work is non-invasive, safe, and objective. It activates the body’s own innate healing potential to balance emotional, physical and spiritual health. The Biofield Tuning module (RECHARGE) should not be used if you are or are trying to get pregnant, are breastfeeding, have tumours, have an electrical implant or have had a head injury in the last six months. 


Further, you acknowledge that the course is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications nor is the course or the contents or the developer of the course to be held responsible for your wellbeing after its use - unless content in the course has created direct harm.


Aftercare: After all healing work and to maintain good health generally it is important to drink plenty of water, take regular salt baths where possible (Epsom salts are very good for this), and get your bare feet on the ground. Singing, dancing, eating whole foods locally sourced that are in season (and a little dark chocolate if allowed) can help too!


Healing is not removal of illness. It is a journey towards virtue – or greater and greater alignment with Tao.

 – Thea Elijah

Roberta Weber is a certified practitioner of Five Element Acupuncture, BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Family Constellation Therapy, Shamanic Healing techniques, and Biofield Tuning. By using aspects of these modalities in this work she has brought together a unique combination of tools that are drawn from the training listed above. Roberta makes no claim to the parent techniques but other than the biofield tuning session designed to 'raise voltage' the amalgamation of techniques for each module is Roberta's own inspiration and full copyright (2021)is claimed for all aspects of each module and within each aspect of each module. 

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CONNECT! The Ultimate Self-Care Course to become Un-Stuck

This is the Self-Care course that will guide you through the steps to 

  • increase vitality,

  • reveal disregarded dreams,

  • step into self-mastery (emotionally and physically),

  • relax the nervous system and

  • reset at an emotional level. 


Many of my clients have had difficulty engaging with other well known methods to gain self-mastery (like meditation or yoga for instance) and my experience is that through using the methods represented in these modules, there was a shift away from old patterns sufficient to either not need meditation, etc or to be able to engage in those practices in a much more fruitful way.


The CONNECT! course will help you achieve all of these things through regular use of the six modulesReplenish, Relax, Recharge, Reset, Reveal, and Reimagine.  It's self-care that means you step out of the old patterns that no longer serve you. 


Please note: One of the modalities used in this course is called Biofield Tuning and this modality should not be used for anyone who is breastfeeding or is (or may be) pregnant, has cancer, has an electrical implant, or who has had a head trauma in the last six months.  

Additionally, this course has not been proven in clinical or any other trials to help the physiology or create the changes that are aimed for by using the modules. They have been used in a wellbeing setting to good effect, but this is not the same as proof.