The HEAL! membership provides weekly group sessions. 

Although the membership is new, the group sessions have been happening since the start of the pandemic. The aim was for low cost wellbeing assistance but the result was long term, profound changes for the participants. Here are some of the results. 

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Mind-Body Medicine that is




effective and



Blast away the fog, pain and sheer heaviness of inherited and acquired drama and trauma while recharging your personal wellbeing and aligning to your natural leadership. Through this work you'll exchange potential years of misery, confusion and self-sabotage to step into clarity, drive, enthusiasm and gratitude instead.


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So many of us would love to meet the world differently than how we seem to be programmed. This work methodically walks through the energetic blocks that are held in us and in our ancestry to bring freedom and self-mastery. 


It's a win/win for you and the whole family line. 

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Membership Nitty Gritty


What you get in the three months:


  • Weekly Group Wellbeing Sessions: that will address seasonal difficulties for wellbeing from the perspective of the Five Element Wheel of life 
  • Access to the Library of Archived Sessions: all the sessions done from a seasonal perspective plus some other sessions to help you through any sticky dynamics. This library is growing all the time.
  • CONNECT!The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care to Become Unstuck. There are six modules in my signature programme that teach you how to reinstate connection, recharge and revitalise, reset the nervous system, reveal your inner knowing, and reimagine what is possible for you. 

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