The ultimate self-care course to become unstuck.


Are you ready to be more vital? How about to hold your boundaries with ease while honouring your own dreams? Are you ready to let go of daily or old experiences that keep you stuck like a hamster on a wheel? The CONNECT! course will help you break out of those patterns.


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This course isn't made for those who need a mindset reset - or even necessary for those who are able to use other self-care methods (e.g. yoga, or meditation) to help them feel even again. This course is for those who need to undertake a journey of remembering in order to access the space to be well. 

Because without feeling

  • connected 
  • belonging
  • relaxed
  • safe
  • resourced 
  • permission
  • heard

it is hard to release the past experiences enough so you can simply BE WELL.


The difficult past experiences can be related to contexts that include - displacement from land or birth family of origin, lack of stability or safety in childhood, circumstances within your life that meant it was hard to know your own mind or dreams, lack of permission to hold self-mastery when it comes to your wellbeing. And of course many more besides. The point is that sometimes we need to learn how to take care of ourselves in a way that wasn't possible through the life we lived when most of the patterns were put in place.


This course includes six self-care exercises that teach you how to reset. They are what your parents might have taught you (had they been able) -  they create a form of knowing from new and old sources, A knowing about what it takes to heal while providing the instruction needed for you to address the blocks that have been keeping you stuck. 


Why Wait? 


In a perfect world our belonging and connection would have been a product of our upbringing - like a birthrite. For many this just didn't happen. 


It doesn't have to be that way.

You are allowed to BE WELL.


Your Wellbeing, Your Legacy.

Be Badass

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 Connection and Belonging are essential to



Our first belonging is always to our family of origin. Our second belonging is to the earth and 'cosmos'. Somewhere along the way, we were sold a tale of shame that kept us from those basic connections. 


This course helps you to re-establish those fundamental connections and in doing so you will develop your metaphorical muscles of belonging, resilience, connection, and permission to access your dreams.