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Ready for a LIFE CHANGING experience? 

"Most sessions are amazing but last week’s was massive. I’ve redone it once and probably need to revisit it yet again, but it feels a bit like my demons have left. I can finally be present without my head being full of a list of other things I should be doing. Thank you - it’s really life changing."

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  • Weekly healing sessions
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Group Work


  • Cost!
  • Powerful
  • Consistency (doing the work of 'self-care' for you!)
  • Address foundational pieces (self-esteem, emotional distress) in a personal way to make BIG shifts!



  • Involves interacting with others
  • Cannot be specific enough for me to receive benefits
  • I have to be present at a specific time


What happens in a session? 

  • Sessions happen weekly on zoom (each is about 1 hour in length) - so you get to join from wherever you happen to be
  • Sessions are recorded and the audio is uploaded on the day of the session for you to enjoy when and where you like
  • A theme of the week is worked on - drawn from Roberta's 16+ years of doing mind/body medicine (themes include (for example):
    • Connecting with your authentic self
    • Releasing everyday trauma
    • Addressing system physiology (eg nervous or immune systems)

Try a Group Session

If you've had individual mind/body medicine sessions from me or another practitioner before, you'll be a great fit to do occasional group sessions.  We meet on Fridays at noon 'London time'. Please note that you don't get access to the recording when you join for one off sessions. 

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