Could your survival tactics -

the ones that kept you safe in days gone by -

be holding you back now? 


Could they be the reason your relationships are suffering?

Would you like to know safety without having to reach for cynicism?

Are you ready to rebuild your foundations through trust instead of living in this continual sense of disappointment? 


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This isn't a course.

It's a kickass healing guide in your back pocket.

You have endured some immense things in your life. Your old coping mechanisms are not working as well as before and that makes you a bit panicky. If you're tired of walking the path of healing alone and are looking for a practical and focused guide to cut through the nonsense then I may be the guide for you.

Invest in your LEGACY

Putting it bluntly, I don't want you to suffer from the past any longer, AND I don't want you to pass that shizzle on to the next generations. 

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What I love about working with the Badass Ancestor clients is the freedom. Of course the freedom that is bought through the time I have in this programme to really feel into the needs of each client, walking with them day after day ensuring their balance is kept strong.
But it's also the freedom they receive from the work. Freedom to feel at ease in themselves. Freedom to meet each moment with what is perfect for them - not what was programmed into them from the teachings of a tough childhood, or the frantic survival of their ancestors.

You're never going to be more ready to heal.

Seriously, it's never a 'great time'. It's a messy, vulnerable and sometimes hard affair to heal our past. But you don't know how much time you have, and my question to you is why do you believe it will just go away when it hasn't yet. 

You need to heal FOR YOU. 

And the world needs you to heal - because it's tough without you shining.

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