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Roberta Weber

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Roberta is an expert, no-nonsense chaperone to healing the trauma held in the family lines and field.

She has deepened her knowledge of six tremendous healing modalities by working with hundreds of individuals to release ancestral burdens and bring individuals back to their authentic expression of their essence.

As a trained scientist, she values clarity of thinking but as a healer she is intuitive and empathetic.

She is passionate about people developing their own tools of knowing through working with her – bringing empowerment to each of her clients.

Roberta is amazing, intuitive and kind. Through her practice she has helped me completely change my life direction. Tackling pain was my main request but Roberta achieved so much more. My confidence, self belief, motivation and outlook on life has changed too. Will be forever grateful for her help and support.


Roberta has, quite literally and in several different ways, changed my life. She’s insightful and thoughtful and works deeply. I really can’t thank her enough. 
Talented soul. Highly recommend.


Stepping away from inherited drama and trauma

I help people BE their legacy after purging the mess they inherited. This powerful work brings a connection to your life’s purpose, better health and wellbeing, and easier relationships.

The programmes I’ve designed are for those ready create a legacy that brings more clarity within the family lines. The bonus with this work is the personal transformation it brings.

Clients have described working with me as life changing, empowering, and that they leave the room feeling like a better version of themselves. One client said of our work together: "My confidence, self belief, motivation and outlook on life has changed too. Will be forever grateful for her help and support."

This work is important because you can't live your full life when you are seeing the world through your ancestor's pain. It sucks when you aren't able to hold integrity and authenticity in how you meet the world. This work gets you closer to that place and gives you the tools to navigate future struggles.

I am made for leading you in this work. Mapping resilience (or the lack of it) has been my primary passion in life. I’ve studied science, and ancient and modern healing techniques so I can do this work with efficacy. But really my expertise comes because I’ve walked the fields of trauma, displacement, abuse, and ancestral entanglements with my clients and within myself. I have a heart made for and from this work.

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I was born in California and have lived in various places in the US, Australia, England and Scotland until 2018 when I moved to Glasgow. From a young age I was fascinated with the intricacies of growth and development and the development of resilience, both in people and all of life. This led me to study Genetics at U.C. Berkeley. From there I pursued a very satisfying and rewarding career as a research scientist. Eventually, I decided to pursue another fascination, not unrelated to the workings of the world, but this time through the eyes of the Ancient Chinese and studied acupuncture and moxibustion. In 2013 personal experiences as a volunteer for the Children's Panel of Scotland and through that experience and after reading published research into epigenetic experiences I decided to train in other modalities to explore the epigenetic question. In 2014, I was introduced to 'Consciousness' based medicine via the BodyTalk modality as well as Shamanic Healing and Constellation Therapy. From those experiences I decided to broaden my clinical work, studying everything I could, from the best that I could, to deepen my practice of facilitating the healing of the ancestral line and field.

The Time To Heal is NOW


The time to take action is now. If you have been waiting for an invitation to cape up in your super-power suit then here it is. The planet is at a tipping point in so many ways and what we take into this next decade will be part of the solution. Can you stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself you have done the deep inner work that allows you to be the beacon for the change you want to see? Are you ready to meet the troubles ahead with a cup full of love instead of a cup of despair or leftover angst and resentment? That’s why the time is NOW to do this work. 

I would love to let others know that distance healing and coaching can be so 😎.

If your gut says try something go for it and really go with what ever comes up. Roberta is amazingly good at what she does. Shamanic visionary and body talk therapist with many different bows to her work as well. I love the work Roberta does and it has an accuracy that is scary. It causes shifts in energy that really can make changes happen.

Enjoy a session and give it a try if you are drawn to doing this work.



  • BodyIntuitive Practitioner January, 2020
  • BodyIntuitive Master Practitioner training March, 2020 and ongoing.
  • Biofield Tuning Practitioner - August, 2019
  • Constellation Therapy training 2015-19 
  • Shamanic Practitioner Certification (three year certification) - 2017
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner - 2015
  • Member International BodyTalk Association-2014
  • Licenced Acupuncturist degree from the School of Five Element Acupuncture (SOFEA) - 2006
  • Member British Acupuncture Council - 2006
  • Certificate in Traditional Thai Massage from the Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage - 1998
  • Bachelor of Arts in Molecular and Cellular Biology (Genetics emphasis)
    from the University of California, Berkeley - 1992

Other courses taken:

  • San Baio July, 2020
  • BodyTalk: Fundamentals 1&2, Access, Advanced Procedures, Mod6 (as online study group), Epigenetics Master Group (online), MindScape, BodyEcology (Microbiome), Energetic Epigenetics, Mod5 (lymphatic drainage and applied Anatomy and Physiology), Mod6 (Macrocosmic BodyMind), Mod3 Principles of Consciousness, Mod4(7) Energetic Biodynamics, Mod9 Matrix Dynamics.
  • Auricular Acupuncture with Jim Chalmers; November, 2014
  • ElectroAcupuncture with David Mayor; April 2014
  • Tending Shen with Niki Bilton a two year acupuncture clinical excellence program; 2012-3
  • Nutrition in Action training day with Daverick Leggett; 2012
  • LIFEA Classical Five Element Acupuncture one year Excellence Program with Gerad Kite and Judy Worsley; 2009-10
  • Point Location Master Class with Allegra Wynt, Judy Worsley, and Gerad Kite; September 2009



Hi Roberta, 

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have found you. Your skill, wisdom, intuition and empathy have had such an enormous impact on my life. 


I first came to see you because I was experiencing physical symptoms that I thought may be due to unresolved emotional issues. I also was extremely curious about the approach you take and your ability to communicate with the body. 


What an amazing experience it has turned out to be. I have quite a list of positive changes so here goes ...!!! 


The unexplained stomach pains have gone. As has the health anxiety. I hadn't realised just how much I stressed about my health - until I stopped! 


I have, for the first time in my life, grown a set of finger nails. I used to pick them daily, especially when I was upset or anxious. This was not something addressed during the sessions with you but for me, a very happy bonus! 


I have developed more confidence in my relationships, and been able to take a healthier view of my family history and family dynamic. 


The self-sabotaging habit of eating sugary foods even though they make me feel irritable and exhausted - has gone. No cake for 5 months and I don't even miss it. 


I have had the confidence to create a space both in my home and in my life to follow my heart and get back to the art that I had lost touch with over 20 years ago. But more than that, I have found the confidence to share my art and be able to call myself an artist with absolute conviction. 


It's early days on the negative self-talk about my looks but I noticed today when I looked in the mirror that there wasn't the usual sense of dislike at what I saw. I just felt the way I do when I see a friend. That for me is huge!! 


I feel happier, healthier and more at one with myself than I ever thought was possible. And I can't thank you enough. 


C xx 


(reprinted with permission)